New Product Launches Need Promotional Gifts

Never mind costly adverts in newspapers and magazines; expensive radio or television campaigns; budget busting billboard posters or slogans splashed over buses; you can push them all aside when you get into marketing with promotional gifts!

Compared to traditional promotional methods, gift-giving has a vast array of benefits but most of all it has a far-reaching effect which goes on and on, often for years after the initial campaign has finished.

These products are items that can be personalised with a company’s branding. This personalisation could be a logo; a website address; full contact details; an advertising slogan or anything else a business would like to advertise and instil into the minds of its customers. The branding can be carried out by printing; engraving; embroidering; foil blocking or embossing depending on the product and the material it is made from.

They can usually be customised to suit a corporate identity, being readily available in all sorts of colours and styles that could appeal to a variety of tastes and lifestyles. This makes them far more versatile than any traditional media advertisement.

The best types are the ones that have longevity and the handy-factor because these are the products that will keep your message in front of your customers as often as possible, for as long as possible. xuong in hinh len ly su

Benefit rich designs can be selected to appeal to specific audience types; these could be anything from children to men or women; environmentally aware groups; executives; manual workers; clerical workers; homemakers; parents; teenagers or older people. That’s why they are so much more versatile than say a radio or television advert that targets en-masse and at great expense.

When to use:

They can be used to run several different types of promotions such as:

o Direct mail campaigns – make a mailer stand out with a freebie product as a sweetener
o On-pack promotions – encourage multiple sales and brand loyalty by offering a free product in exchange for on-pack coupons
o Exhibitions and trade shows – attract visitors to your stand by handing out free gifts
o Seminars and conferences – make sure delegates remember their host by giving them something like a branded conference folder
o Retail giveaways – promote your brand in-store by offering a free gift with every purchase of your product
o Press giveaways – run a magazine giveaway using your products combined with related giveaways
o Business gifts – gift your business customers using opportunities such as Christmas, New Year, business anniversaries or award wins or other special occasions

Marketing with promotional gifts is packed with benefits and is far more cost effective, far reaching and long lasting than traditional advertising campaigns. So next time you are planning a campaign, factor in some gift-giving!

Push your business to the next level of success by launching an exciting and attention-grabbing advertising campaign. One of the biggest issues for growing businesses is the need to keep their company name in the forefront of their customers’ minds. A great way to keep your business on the fingertips and minds of your preferred sector is through promotional gifts. With a strong advertising campaign using promotional gifts, your business will grow and be remembered by the people who matter most.

What are your specific marketing agendas? One of the most important steps in running a successful advertising campaign with promotional gifts is to understand what your exact goals are within the campaign. You need to use the advertising potential of promotional gifts in the most strategic way possible. Do you want to generate buzz about your business name? Are you working on branding? Do you want your customers to associate your business with a specific industry? Do you want to entertain them or provide a practical, hands-on promotional gift they will find themselves using every day?

In order to harness the advertising potential of promotional gifts to the fullest, you will need to determine where your business is. If you are a young business that wants your future customers to recognise your name, you might choose a promotional pen that will keep your name in front of their eyes consistently. Each time your potential customer picks up your branded pen, they will see your company name and remember the products and services you offer.

However, if you have been in business for decades and have a strong customer base, you could use promotional gifts as a way to say “thank you” for their consistent business and perhaps remind them of additional services or products that your business now carries. If you are in the technology sector, you could give loyal customers a flash drive or the latest technological toy with your business name branded on the side. These gifts make your customers feel special and appreciated, encouraging them to come back time and time again.

Learn how to make the advertising potential of promotional gifts work for your business. You can achieve a number of marketing objectives through promotional gifts, including increasing your sales, gaining new customers, keeping your existing customers happy or increasing your brand recognition. Search the full selection of promotional products to find the ones that fit your marketing and advertising goals now.

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